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Coach pack is a unique coach assistant, developed in-house by Sail Mates, used by some of the world's most successful coaches. 

With a waterproof board it’s an ideal companion for demonstrating particular situations just after they occur, this could be whilst the sailors are still on the water. Included hand strap ensures the stability while using it in wavy conditions, also on the rib. The hand strap is attached to the board by two loops and can be easily detached.

Small and light Mini Sail Mates models come in three different shapes, Standard, Laser and Optimist. When using them on the board, they leave enough place to demonstrate the situations on the racing field.

Neodymium waterproof magnets provide strong magnetic stability. This pack includes five Mini Sail Mate Optimist shape boats, one RC boat, three arrows (wind, wind gusts, current) and two marks. 

Coach pack can be also used as a dry-wipe board, so you can draw and label different situations with a marker. We recommend Steadtler© Lumocolor Correctable dry erase pen.

Sail Mates are made of special plexiglass and are completely waterproof. All boats include stainless steel rivet, rotating boom and neodymium nickel plated magnet.

Coach pack comes in a sailcloth easy-to-carry folder. 

NEW! Improved board is now water-jet cutted and mechanically pre-compressed.
It can be used with any dry-erase pen and can be washed out also with sea water. 
The back side of the board is now even stronger - made of an industrial UV polyethylene.

Pack content
– 1 galvanized and powder coated dry-wipe metal board, white-gray color. Strong, industrial, UV polyethylene, mat sanded back board
– 1 hand strap
– 1 sailcloth folder
– 5 mini sailboats - OPTIMIST SHAPE: blue, yellow, red, green and pink
– 1 black RC boat
– 2 black marks
– 2 wind indicators 
– 1 current indicator

Boat dimensions
– length: 50 mm / 1.97 in
– width: 17 mm / 0.67 in
– thickness: 2.8 mm / 0.11in

For more information about the 'Custom' option, please visit Custom Pack.

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